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In our app you find current exhibitions, upcoming openings, picks by international curators, as well as a map which all help you to discover the best in contemporary art.

But the art world also consists of countless talks, panels, screenings, parties and other events you need to keep track of.

That's why we launched Exhibitionary Alerts. We find the very best happening in the cities and send them to your phone (for the beginning we cover Berlin and New York). You can subscribe to any one city or all of them. It’s free, it’s easy and it works on almost every smartphone.

Here is how to join:

1.Save this number +1-917-214 20 40 to your address book and name it: Exhibitionary Alerts (if the number is not saved you won't receive alerts).

2.Open WhatsApp and send us: Let's do it New York (or replace it with the city you want to receive alerts about. You can also choose: everywhere).

3.Expect to receive notifications of selected events that you wouldn’t want to miss.

4.That's it. You're all set.

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The Ultimate App for Venice

Last time we were in Venice the great (and currently controversial outgoing director of the Tate) Sir Nicholas Serota was hosting a super exclusive cocktail party inside the mind-blowing Biblioteca Marciana.


With map and invite in hand we were hot in pursuit to be at this life-changing event – just to arrive at yet another dead-end canal. So all we ever saw were the photos on Scene & Herd the next week.

We can't count the number of wrong turns we had made just when we needed to be somewhere in Venice.


You'll never get lost again! Everything you need to know about the Venice Biennale – VIVA ARTE VIVA, all the pavilions, collateral events and even more – is now available on our Exhibitionary app!


There is no time to waste. We all have to do our part and recycle those outdated paper maps.

We embarked on a mission to find the top 10 shows in the floating city – finding them is just one click away.


By the way, we send out Alerts on our WhatsApp channel for the preview days in Venice. Subscribe for latest information about special events, performances, openings and parties:


  1. Save this number +1-917-214 20 40 to your address book and name it: Exhibitionary Alerts (if the number is not saved you won't receive alerts).
  2. Open WhatsApp and send us: Let's do it Venice.
  3. That's it. You're all set.


So much is happening during the preview week of Venice that it is urgent to be aware in advance. Look out tomorrow for our preview newsletter with all of our recommendations.