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Die Tiere Die Türe

© Weiss Falk


Klaudia Schifferle

Press release

Galerie Mueller and Weiss Falk are pleased to announce Klaudia Schifferle Die Tiere Die Türe, curated by Reto Thüring, taking place across both galleries in Basel.

Influenced by the feminist ideas of the post-punk, new wave and indie scene of the 1970s, Klaudia Schifferle has always moved intuitively and uncompromisingly between different media, techniques and stylistic concepts. Schifferle‘s (visual) language knows hardly any boundaries and yet is clearly delineated; firmly held together by an artist who has had her finger on the pulse of time for 50 years, exploring the human condition in her own language.

The exhibition Die Tiere Die Türe is divided into two chapters. At Galerie Mueller, works on paper from the late 1970s to the early 1990s will be on display. Weiss Falk is showing works from the past five years. The overarching theme is metamorphosis as a symbol of an understanding of the world and art in which man and nature, self and environment are inextricably intertwined and in constant exchange. Die Tiere Die Türe is the first major juxtaposition of new and older works by Klaudia Schifferle.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a monographic book published by Hacienda Books, providing insight into her work from its beginnings to the present.

Klaudia Schifferle was born in Zurich in 1955. She was a founding member of the avant-garde women‘s band Kleenex (later LiLiPUT) in 1977 and is internationally known as a musician, songwriter and author. After spending time in Milan and Ticino, she has lived and worked in Zurich again since 2002.